It's Not All About Teeth!

Keep Dentistry Alive was founded in December 2008, after realizing the growing need to provide dental care to children in Granada, Nicaragua. Most of these children do not have any access to dentists, because of their family’s financial conditions. Most of the community will only go to a dental clinic when they are in pain. Due to the high costs of correcting their dental problem, they almost 100% of the time will get the tooth removed, as opposed to having the tooth treated and fixed properly.

If these children do not receive routine dental care, they will most likely prematurely lose all of their teeth and/or have continuous dental problems their entire life. This also opens the door for other medical/health problems in the future. This is why it is critical that these children not only receive routine dental treatment, but also are provided with preventative dental care.

There are currently three dental clinics in Granada with eight working dental chairs. These clinics were built by donations from other missionaries, including Dr. William H. Wayman, the Co-founder of KDA. Our aspiration is to see all eight of these chairs filled with patients, and staffed with local dentists and dental assistants. With your help, this goal is attainable, and the mere donation of $10 makes a direct and immediate impact.

Average Dental Costs in Granada:

  • The average cost for one child to see the dentist in Granada is $10
  • The daily salary of one Nicaraguan dentist is $20
  • The daily salary of one dental assistant is $10


Lauren K. David
Founder & Chief Director of Forward Planning

Dr. William H. Wayman
Co-founder & Director of Community Outreach

Holly Moon
Director of Financial Operations

Linda Wayman

Andrew Hasseltine
Director of Foreign Diplomatic Relations

Alexis Wingate
Director of Marketing & Community Relations

Swiyyah I. Streeter
Director of Publishing